Interface SessionTestCase

All Superinterfaces:
ConnectionFactoryTestCase, ConnectionTestCase, JMSTest, junit.framework.Test
All Known Subinterfaces:
MessageTestCase, SendReceiveTestCase
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractMessageTestRunner, AbstractSessionTestCase

public interface SessionTestCase
extends ConnectionTestCase

This interface enables generic session test cases to be run for each JMS session type.

SessionTestRunner uses this to set the session to test against prior to running the test case.

$Revision: 1.3 $ $Date: 2004/01/31 13:44:24 $
Tim Anderson
See Also:
SessionTestRunner, AckTypes

Method Summary
 AckTypes getAckTypes()
          Returns the session types to test against.
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getContext, setContext, share
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Method Detail


public AckTypes getAckTypes()
Returns the session types to test against. A session will be constructed for each type.
the session types to test against

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