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Packages that use Include

Uses of Include in org.exolab.jmscts.core.filter

Methods in org.exolab.jmscts.core.filter that return Include
 Include Filter.getInclude(int index)
          Method getInclude
 Include[] Filter.getInclude()
          Method getInclude
static Include Include.unmarshal( reader)
          Method unmarshal

Methods in org.exolab.jmscts.core.filter with parameters of type Include
 void Filter.addInclude(Include vInclude)
          Method addInclude
 void Filter.addInclude(int index, Include vInclude)
          Method addInclude
 boolean Filter.removeInclude(Include vInclude)
          Method removeInclude
 void Filter.setInclude(int index, Include vInclude)
          Method setInclude
 void Filter.setInclude(Include[] includeArray)
          Method setInclude

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