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Packages that use Administrator
org.exolab.jmscts.core Core code used to execute JMS CTS 
org.exolab.jmscts.provider Defines an API to enable JMS CTS to administer JMS providers 

Uses of Administrator in org.exolab.jmscts.core

Methods in org.exolab.jmscts.core that return Administrator
 Administrator TestContext.getAdministrator()
          Returns the JMS provider's administration interface

Methods in org.exolab.jmscts.core with parameters of type Administrator
static javax.jms.Destination DestinationHelper.create(java.lang.String name, boolean queue, Administrator admin)
          Create an administered destination for the supplied name.
static void DestinationHelper.destroy(java.lang.String name, Administrator admin)
          Destroy the named destination, if it exists
static void DestinationHelper.destroy(javax.jms.Destination destination, Administrator admin)
          Destroy a destination

Constructors in org.exolab.jmscts.core with parameters of type Administrator
TestContext(TestContext parent, Administrator administrator)
          Construct an administrator context.

Uses of Administrator in org.exolab.jmscts.provider

Methods in org.exolab.jmscts.provider that return Administrator
 Administrator Provider.getAdministrator()
          Returns the administration interface

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