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Packages that use Failure Code to generate HTML reports from XML, using XSLT 

Uses of Failure in

Methods in that return Failure
static Failure ReportHelper.getFailure(java.lang.Throwable cause, java.lang.Throwable rootCause)
          Maps exceptions to a Failure
static Failure ReportHelper.getFailure(java.lang.String description, java.lang.Throwable cause, java.lang.Throwable rootCause)
          Maps exceptions to a Failure
 Failure RequirementCoverage.getFailure(int index)
          Method getFailure
 Failure[] RequirementCoverage.getFailure()
          Method getFailure
static Failure Failure.unmarshal( reader)
          Method unmarshal
 Failure TestRun.getFailure()
          Returns the value of field 'failure'.

Methods in with parameters of type Failure
 void RequirementCoverage.addFailure(Failure vFailure)
          Method addFailure
 void RequirementCoverage.addFailure(int index, Failure vFailure)
          Method addFailure
 boolean RequirementCoverage.removeFailure(Failure vFailure)
          Method removeFailure
 void RequirementCoverage.setFailure(int index, Failure vFailure)
          Method setFailure
 void RequirementCoverage.setFailure(Failure[] failureArray)
          Method setFailure
 void TestRun.setFailure(Failure failure)
          Sets the value of field 'failure'.

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