Package org.exolab.jmscts.requirements

Requirements code


Class Summary
Description Class Description.
DescriptionDescriptor Class DescriptionDescriptor.
Document The document element is the root element of all requirements documents.
DocumentDescriptor Class DocumentDescriptor.
Include This element includes requirements from another requirements document.
IncludeDescriptor Class IncludeDescriptor.
Reference This element specifies a requirement reference.
ReferenceDescriptor Class ReferenceDescriptor.
Requirement This element specifies a requirement, defined by the JMS specification or associated API documentation.
RequirementChoice Class RequirementChoice.
RequirementChoiceDescriptor Class RequirementChoiceDescriptor.
RequirementChoiceItem Class RequirementChoiceItem.
RequirementChoiceItemDescriptor Class RequirementChoiceItemDescriptor.
RequirementDescriptor Class RequirementDescriptor.
Requirements This class implements a cache of Requirement and Reference instances.
RequirementsLoader Helper class used to load requirements documents
Section Class Section.
SectionDescriptor Class SectionDescriptor.
Text Class Text.
TextDescriptor Class TextDescriptor.

Package org.exolab.jmscts.requirements Description

Requirements code

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