Uses of Interface

Packages that use PropertyValues
org.exolab.jmscts.test.message.bytes javax.jms.BytesMessage compliance tests 
org.exolab.jmscts.test.message.copy Compliance tests to verify that message implementations copy content Message property compliance tests 
org.exolab.jmscts.test.message.readwrite Read/write compliance tests 
org.exolab.jmscts.test.message.util Utility code 

Uses of PropertyValues in org.exolab.jmscts.test.message.bytes

Classes in org.exolab.jmscts.test.message.bytes that implement PropertyValues
 class BytesMessageTest
          This class tests the BytesMessage message type.

Uses of PropertyValues in org.exolab.jmscts.test.message.copy

Classes in org.exolab.jmscts.test.message.copy that implement PropertyValues
 class MapMessageTest
          This class tests that MapMessage copies byte array content
 class ObjectMessageTest
          This class tests that ObjectMessage copies content
 class StreamMessageTest
          This class verifies that StreamMessage copies content

Uses of PropertyValues in

Classes in that implement PropertyValues
 class IdentifierTest
          This class tests message property identifiers.
 class PropertyConversionTest
          This class tests message property conversion
 class PropertyTypeTest
          This class tests message property types

Uses of PropertyValues in org.exolab.jmscts.test.message.readwrite

Classes in org.exolab.jmscts.test.message.readwrite that implement PropertyValues
 class ReadWriteTest
          This class tests that message properties and message bodies may be read and written on creation of a new message
 class SendReceiveReadWriteTest
          This class tests that message properties and message bodies are writeable on send, and readable on receipt

Uses of PropertyValues in org.exolab.jmscts.test.message.util

Subinterfaces of PropertyValues in org.exolab.jmscts.test.message.util
 interface MessageValues
          Helper interface providing a default set of message values to test with

Classes in org.exolab.jmscts.test.message.util that implement PropertyValues
 class MessagePropertyVerifier
          A helper class for exercising the interfaces of messages

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