Installing JMS CTS

This document describes how to install JMS CTS from an install archive. Refer to the Downloads document for instructions on obtaining a copy.


JMS CTS will run on any platform where there is a suitable Java 2 runtime environment

Unpacking the install archive

The install archive contains everything required to run JMS CTS on your system. The archive has a single top-level directory named jmscts-0.5-b2 with all the JMS CTS related files beneath that.

Install archives with a .zip extension can be unpacked using winzip , or the jar tool (distributed with the Java 2 SDK). E.g.:

jar xvf

Install archives with a .tar.gz extension can be unpacked with gzip and tar . E.g.:

gzip -cd jmscts-0.5-b2.tar.gz | tar xvf -

Environment variables

The JMS CTS server requires that the following environment variables be set:

  • JAVA_HOME - the Java 2 runtime environment installation directory.

Directory structure

The bin directory contains Unix shell scripts and Windows batch files to run the JMS CTS.

The docs directory contains the full set of JMS CTS documentation.

The lib directory contains JARs required to run the JMS CTS.

The config directory contains the JMS CTS configuration files.

The src directory contains the sources to the sample provider proxies.