Release History

Version Date Description
0.5 in CVS
0.4 2001-11-19
0.3 2001-10-24
0.2 2001-10-7
0.1 2001-9-13

Release 0.5 - in CVS

Type Changes By
update Moved JMS CTS from the OpenJMS project, and changed license to the Exolab Project license tanderson
add Added support for building JMS CTS with maven. The website, documentation and releases are now produced via the maven build. tanderson
add Added coverage of MessageProducer.getTimeToLive() and MessageProducer.setTimeToLive(). tanderson
add Added coverage of section 3.4.7 - JMSRedelivered, as per RFE 817173. tanderson
add Added coverage of section 3.4.9 - JMSExpiration tanderson
add Added coverage for message republication, as per RFE 823464. tanderson
update Changed reporting for RFE 826562 - order requirements, test cases in coverage.html tanderson
update Changed reporting to include stack traces in failure descriptions . tanderson
add Added coverage of section 3.12 - Provider Implementations of JMS Message Interfaces, as per RFE 867564. tanderson
fix Fixed bug 819193 - Can't filter tests on ack type tanderson
fix Fixed bug 818994 - Errors in test setUp() and tearDown() not reported tanderson
fix Fixed bug 887462 - QueueBrowser should be excluded from connection.stopped test tanderson
fix Fixed bug 879678 - StreamMessageTest.testIncrementalReadBytes() not compliant tanderson

Release 0.4 - 2001-11-19

Type Changes By
add Added greater coverage of the specification. The CTS now covers approximately 80% of the specification and executes over 15000 test cases tanderson

Release 0.3 - 2001-10-24

Type Changes By
add Ad ded support for stress testing tanderson
update Now generate compliance reports in HTML tanderson

Release 0.2 - 2001-10-7

Type Changes By
add Added coverage of the JMS selector and queue browser APIs tanderson
add Added utility to take a coverage report snapshot while the JMS CTS is running tanderson
add Added functions to stop and abort the JMS CTS tanderson

Release 0.1 - 2001-9-13

Type Changes By
add The initial release of the JMS CTS. This includes the following features:
  • Coverage of the JMS message, session, producer, consumer and connection APIs
  • Compliance reports, generated in XML
  • Simple interface to plug in different JMS implementations
  • Complete automation, to support regression testing
  • Test case filtering, to narrow testing to help locate problem areas